R E A L  P E O P L E

We at Covenant Life are real people with a desire to find community with others. We provide multiple avenues in which people can connect and become family. Our heart is to create an atmosphere of acceptance through love. Driven to reach, restore, love, and connect people to God, Covenant Life is dedicated to excellence in discipleship and fellowship. We are committed to developing strong families and strong people.

R E A L  F A I T H

We possess an authentic faith based on the absolute promises of God’s powerful Word. A heart for worship, prayer, reading, and living out the Word of God is the foundation for any successful believer. Covenant Life is passionate about connecting real people with a real God. Our heart is to develop believers of all ages to walk in the freedom and purposes of Christ. As men and women of diverse backgrounds encounter the Holy Spirit through real worship experiences, they will discover healing and restoration for their pasts, refreshing for the present, and power to fulfill their dreams for tomorrow.

R E A L  P A S S I O N

We serve with real passion as Jesus did. As missionaries, the people of Covenant Life will compassionately embrace every opportunity to provide hope, help, and healing to our communities, neighborhoods, homes, prisons, and hospitals in every capacity. Through our fully equipped outreach center, people will receive help in times of need and training on how to connect with the heart of God through serving others. As we grow in the grace and favor of God, we will raise up and train others to go and passionately establish church-plants with well-trained and trusted leaders.

R E A L  L I F E

We will live a real life through the presence of the Holy Spirit. At Covenant life, we believe that the fruit of the Spirit, gifts of the Spirit, and power of the Spirit are evidence that a believer is maximizing their full potential in Christ. The family of Covenant Life will grow to understand the ultimate way to live life is to give life to others. We will be a church of extravagant giving to our community. As we sow into the lives of others, we believer that Covenant Life will become a place of miracles, deliverance, repentance, and truly a place where God makes all impossibilities possible!