BEHOLD I AM DOING A NEW THING! Can you feel the excitement about what the Lord is doing here at Covenant?!? In an effort to partner with the Lord in what we hear Him saying and the direction we feel Him leading we are building, renovating, and remodeling!

Currently we are raising funds to replace the pews in the sanctuary with brand new, padded, comfy, and spacious chairs. These chairs will allow us to seat more people, have more room per individual, and reconfigure our seating for various events and activities.

We are so excited about updating the sanctuary with these chairs, however, in order to do so we need your help! We are asking each member of Covenant Life to prayerfully consider donating towards our CHAIR-ITY fundraiser by buying a chair for each member of their family, as well as a bonus chair for a lost person, or someone you would love to see coming to church!

Are you single? Consider donating towards 2 chairs; one for yourself and one for someone you’d like to bring to church. Are you married? Perhaps purchase 3; one for yourself, one for your spouse, and one for a lost friend or maybe a future kid.

Each chair cost $40 and can be paid for in installments through Saturday, August 25th. We hope you will join us in helping beautify our building and making space for those the Lord is calling home.


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