“Jesus paid the highest price for our freedom, & if we continue to live in bondage we are robbing Jesus of what He purchased for us. I want to discover what true freedom looks like in my life while pursuing a more intimate relationship with Him.”

Brian Hess

UNBOUND is our freedom ministry here @ Covenant Life. In John 10:10 we learn that Jesus came that we may have life & life abundant, yet so often when we look at our lives they don’t look all that abundant, & if we’re really honest they don’t even look like life sometimes. UNBOUND is about identifying & unraveling the things that may be hindering our freedom & binding us to a life that is a lesser version than what Jesus has actually purchased for us & then identifying & agreeing with the new creations that we actually are.

Interesting in getting involved? UNBOUND operates by offering quarterly workshops that are available to the body at large. These are times of teaching & instruction, but also weekends where we allow the Holy Spirit to come in & minister to our hearts. Please visit our website’s event page to stay up to date on when our upcoming workshops will be taking place.