Blended families can be very challenging, but also the most blessed families. Most blended family kids have 2 sets of parents, twice the love, twice the support and sometimes twice the allowance money… the Blended Family Ministry assists men and women in strengthing their step-family or future step-family in a loving Christian environment.

EPIC (50+)

You are only as “old” as you declare, and that is how we think at E.P.I.C. Ministries! E.P.I.C. (Experienced People in Christ) has fun fellowships and events throughout the year that will bring back those memories of younger days! It is a great time to get together, get connected and get to know others that share thesame desires and likes you have. We have retreats to the Smoky Mountains, themed events,trips to special events, dinner and a movie nights and so much more. If you enjoy fun Christian fellowship and staying active at 50+… E.P.I.C. Ministries is for you!


CLWC’s Men’s Ministry is designed to help raise up men into the standard which God has called them to. Our society is currently crippled by a fatherless generation, & we are passionate about rectifying that situation, beginning with our house & the men in it. We are passionate about helping men to identify their identity & role as spiritual leaders so that they can begin to lead their families, their communities & their own selves well.


Who’s ready for some SOUL FOOD?!? We are so excited to be testing new waters this fall with the addition of SOUL FOOD to our Covenant Life calendar & we want you to join in on the fun! SOUL FOOD is all about connection, community & of course, really good food! In Acts 2:42, we learn that the early church devoted themselves to the apostles teaching, fellowship, the breaking of bread & prayer. The question for us then is, are we doing the same? SOUL FOOD is our way of helping reestablish the joy, unity & prosperity of soul that comes from fellowship & breaking bread together. There’s just something about having a meal together! So, that’s what we’re doing. 

This fall, over the course of 8 weeks, we will have a variety of couples & individuals from our church hosting lunches & dinners & you’re invited to the table! SOUL FOOD groups will meet on Sunday afternoons, following 2nd service, or Wednesday evenings for dinner (day & time will vary depending on the group). Some groups will meet in homes. Others will gather in restaurants. But one thing will stay the same; community around the table.

Whether you’re new to Covenant Life & looking to get connected or have been walking alongside us for years & years, we hope you gather around the table with us as we feed both our bodies & our souls. To sign up, please find us in the church foyer this Sunday, August 25th, & next Sunday, September 1st, & we will help place you in a group that will be just right for you. 


CLWC’s Women’s Ministry is here to help women discover who they truly are in Christ! This year we are going after the call to be FEARLESS in Christ so that we can step into all that God has called us to. As a group, we meet semi-regularly for worship, events, conferences & outings designed to help you become the woman that you were always meant to be.

To stay up to date with all that’s happening among our FEARLESS WOMEN here @ CLWC, check out events page here on the website.