Here at Covenant Life we are building and believing for greater things. We have vision for things we have not seen yet, people we have yet to meet, and a generation yet to be born. Because of that our vision is plentiful, but our resource is in need. If you would like to join us in building, growing, and advancing the local church and the Kingdom you can do so in some very practical ways by helping provide financially for our church’s “wish list.” Below you will find a list of things we are in need of. These are items that do not fall into our weekly budget provided by the tithing of the church, yet we are in need of to grow into the work we feel called to do. If you would like to give a gift over and above your tithe, you can do so here and help us purchase some very specific needs. Thank you so much for your generosity!

  • $10 – Item for specific ministry
  • $20 – Item for specific ministry
  • $50 – Item for specific ministry project
  • $120 – Supplies for new roof for outdoor barn project
  • $400 – Some form of equipment for worship project
  • $1000 – Project for Fellowship Hall (Youth and Young Adult Ministry)
  • $2000 – Speakers for…